New York / Berlin

Doctoral Research. Philosophy, Art, and Critical Thought. European Graduate School, CH. 2014-2020
MA with distinction. Philosophy, Media and Communication. European Graduate School, CH. 2014
International Center of Photography. New York, US. 2005

Performances and Solo Exhibitions (selection)
2022   Performance | Unspeakable Community. Moabiter Stadtgarten, ZK/U - Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik. Berlin, DE
2021   Performance | The Beautiful Souls. Haus der Statistik. Berlin, DE 
2019   Performance | Dance Party (the apocalypse is disappointing). Lake Studios. Berlin, DE 
2019   Performance Intervention | Acid Bodies - Moabit Actions. Berlin, DE
2019   Workshop Performance | How to Dis appear. Schauspiel Leipzig. Under the framework of 'Brecht Unter Fremden/Brecht
           Under Strangers' Symposium of the International Brecht Society and Center of Competence for Theatre. Leipzig, DE
2019   Workshop Performance | How to Dis appear. Cross Attic, Performance Crossings festival. Prague, CZ
2019   Workshop Performance | How to Dis appear. Workshop of Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis: Realities and 
           Fantasies: Relations, Transformations, Discontinuities. University of Amsterdam. Amsterdam, NL
2018   Performance | A Prelude to the Last. Frankfurt Lab. Frankfurt, DE 
2018   Performance | How are you? Fine. How are you?. Solyanka VPA State Gallery. Moscow, RU 
2017   Performance | A window and a street. Soma Art Space. Berlin, DE 
2017   Solo Exhibition | Yellow Matters. Soma Art Space. Berlin, DE
2017   Performance | All we need is. Blueproject Foundation. Barcelona, ES
2017   Performance Installation | It is not where you are, but where you are. Museum of Nonconformist Art. St. Petersburg, RU
2016   Solo Exhibition | Notes on an intervention. Incheon Art Platform. Incheon, KR
2016   Solo Exhibition | Constellations. Schlassgaart, Montée du Château. Cité de l’image. Clervaux, LU 
2016   Performance Intervention | Imaginary Playground. Incheon, KR
2016   Performance Installation | Walking into Forgetting. Museum of Nonconformist Art. St. Petersburg, RU 
2016   Performance Installation  | Waiting Room. Flutgraben e.V., Space/Time Berlin. Berlin, DE
2014   Solo Exhibition | Some Place Like Home. Galerie Madé. Paris, FR 
2014   Performance Intervention | Action in the Underground. Ul Underground. Berlin, DE
2014   Performance Intervention | Action for Brandenburger Tor. Brandenburger Tor. Berlin, DE
2010   Performance Intervention | Time and Space Died Yesterday. Collaboration w/ Madeleine Kate McGowan.
           Locations throughout Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn, New York, US
2009   Solo Exhibition | Under the Glass Bell. Melanie Flood Projects. Brooklyn, New York, US 

Group Exhibitions (selection)

2021   ZK/U - Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik. Berlin, DE
2020   (Non)Sleep as Social Practice. Sub_text and Threads Radio in collaboration with ZK/U - Zentrum für Kunst
           und Urbanistik. Berlin, DE
2020   Art in Quarantine - Guerrilla video projections, curated by Gargantúa/IAUZKU. Moabit, Berlin, DE
2019   Futures/Intersections. 'NIDA 2019. Meeting Photography'. Nida Art Colony. Nida, LT
2019   Metasitu: Foundation. Das Esszimmer - Raum fur Kunst+. Bonn, DE
2017   The Scrap. Seoul, KR
2017   Transpositions II. Museum of Nonconformist Art. St. Petersburg, RU
2017   Platform Artists. Incheon Art Platform. Incheon, KR
2016   Secret Garden. Seoul Museum. Seoul, KR
2016   Wet Paint. Incheon Art Platform. Incheon, KR
2016   Communal Workshop. Museum of Nonconformist Art. St. Petersburg, RU
2016   On Site in 16 Cities. Kosmetiksalon Babette. Berlin, DE
2015   Weaving Time. w/ AHL Foundation at Gallery Korea. New York, US
2015   Traditions Run Deeper Than Law. w/ Artists Against FGM. Red Gallery. London, UK
2014   Unseen Photo. w/ Galerie Madé. Amsterdam, NL
2013   Clash. Galerie Sztuczna. Warsaw, PL 
2013   Song of Childhood. Donegall Street Alley-Digital Arts Studios. Belfast, UK
2013   Fabric. Platform Arts. Belfast, UK
2013   MOLT! Speculative Identities. Atelierhof Kreuzberg. Berlin, DE
2013   Internationale Kurz und Langfilm Videotage. G.A.S-station. Berlin, DE
2013   Synthetic Zero. Bronx Art Space. Bronx, New York, US
2013   Festival International de Mode & Photographie d’Hyères. Villa Noailles. Hyères, FR
2013   Von Innen und Aussenlandschaften. Meinblau. Berlin, DE
2012   AHL Stars 2012. Dean Project. New York, US
2012   FOAM/ Talent. Unseen Photo. Westerpark. Amsterdam, NL
2012   Constructed Concepts. Rush Arts Gallery. New York, US
2012   Facade Video Festival. Presented by Art Today Association and Center for Contemporary Art. Plovdiv, BG
2012   Made in Woodstock VI. The Center for Photography at Woodstock. Woodstock, New York, US
2012   Pool Party. Microscope Gallery. Brooklyn, New York, US
2012   Inside is not the Opposite of Outside. Bronx Art Space. Bronx, New York, US
2012   Small Works. Flash Forward Festival. w/ Humble Arts Foundation and Magenta Foundation. Boston, MA, US
2012   Time is Love.5. [.Box] Space (Milan, IT), SAVVY Contemporary (Berlin, DE), Zet Foundation, (Amsterdam, NL) 
2012   Residue. Perspectives Gallery. Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. Milwaukee, WI, US
2011   Keine ZEIT - No TIME. G.A.S-station. Berlin, DE
2011   Art of Development. Perspectives Gallery, Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. Milwaukee, WI, US
2011   Onirique. Hania Bailly Contemporary. Geneva, CH
2011   {SØNIK}fest, Bronx Art Space. Bronx, New York, US
2011   The Collector’s Guide to New Art Photography Vol.2. Chelsea Art Museum. New York, US
2011   I am Solitary. Beers Lambert. London, UK
2011   Toxic Body. Vaudeville Park. Brooklyn, New York, US
2010   Birch Forest Project II: Stirrings Still. White Box. New York, US
2010   Pulp Legend. Brooklyn Fireproof East. Brooklyn, New York, US
2010   Persistence of Vision: Amplified Photographies. BADCAT Mobile 1. New York, US
2010   Human:Nature. Singapore International Photography Festival. SG
2010   Wishes: A Black and White Salon. Lowest East Side Gallery. New York, US
2009   Loveland. Envoy Gallery. New York, US
2009   Dream Study. Open Studio 21. Seoul, KR
2009   Anarchy Books. The Last Gallery. Tokyo, JP

Awards, Grants, Residencies (selection)
2023   Fonds Darstellende Künste. #TakeHeart Research grant, DE
2022   Gwärtler Stiftung. Production grant, CH
2022   Nationales Performance Netz (NPN) - STEPPING OUT, funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for
           Culture and the Media (BKM). Concept grant, DE
2022   Nationales Performance Netz (NPN) - STEPPING OUT. Production grant, DE
2022   Fonds Darstellende Künste. #TakeHeart Research grant, DE
2021   Nationales Performance Netz (NPN) - STEPPING OUT. Production grant, DE
2020   Fonds Darstellende Künste. #TakeCare Research grant, DE
2020   Sonderstipendium des Landes Berlin. Work stipend, DE
2019   ZK/U - Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik, Residency. Berlin, DE 
2019   Lake Studios Double Bill Residency, funded by the Berliner Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa. Berlin, DE 
2018   Frankfurt Lab Residency, funded by the Stiftung Polytechnische Gesellschaft Frankfurt am Main, DE
2018   STEP Travel Grant. European Cultural Foundation and Compagnia di San Paolo
2016   Incheon Art Platform, Residency. Incheon, KR
2016   Incheon Foundation for Arts & Culture, Production grant, KR
2013   Arcimboldo Prize, FR. Nominee
2013   Hyères Photography Prize, FR. Shortlist
2012   FOAM Talent, NL 
2012   AHL Foundation Visual Art Award, US
2010   BRIC Arts Media Fellowship. Brooklyn, NY, US
2010   Center for Photography at Woodstock, Residency. Woodstock, NY, US

Talks, Lectures, Teaching (selection)
2023   "Acid Bodies: Rethinking Solidarity". Course in embodied critical practice. Parrhesia School of Philosophy. Berlin, DE  
2023   De_colonialanguage (panel discussion) ‘Unlearning > Whiteness’. Haus der Statistik. Berlin, DE
2023   "Solidarität Neudenken". Public discourse/action lab and Performance workshop series, in cooperation with Stadttheater
            Spandau. New Staaken Center. Berlin-Spandau, DE
2022   'Artists' Identities at Risk' (talk) - Evenings of Kitchen Sociology at Center for Independent Social Research (CISR).                   Dvor. Berlin, DE
2022   Research Laboratory "Disagreement Room". Uferstudios. Berlin, DE
2022   Workshop "Acid Bodies: Language against Language". PAP Theaterscoutings Berlin. DE
2022   Lecturer and Mentor 'Digital Lab - Contemporary Dance Managers'. House of Europe at the Goethe-Institut Ukraine.                 Kyiv, UA
2021   Masters Seminar 'Language against Language: Encounter and the Politics of Perception'. Weißensee Kunsthochschule               MA Raumstrategien/Spatial Strategies. Winter semester 2021-22. Berlin, DE
2021   Workshop 'Beyond the Pandemic: Exploring new economies and new tactics of creation and survival'. Co-hosted with
           Nora Amin and organized by PAP Berlin. Schloss Bröllin. Fahrenwalde, DE
2021   Masters Seminar 'Ethics, radical antagonism, and the (dis)appearing community'. Weißensee Kunsthochschule
           MA Raumstrategien/Spatial Strategies. Summer semester 2021. Berlin, DE
2020   Masters Seminar 'Acid Bodies'. Weißensee Kunsthochschule - MA Raumstrategien/Spatial Strategies. Winter
           semester 2020-21. Berlin, DE
2019   Workshop Action series 'Acid Bodies'. ZK/U - Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik. Berlin, DE
2018   Workshop 'Deconstructing the Social'. Frankfurt Lab. Frankfurt, DE
2018   Masterclass series 'Deconstructing the Social'. PYR FYR school of performance. Moscow, RU
2018   Paper presentation 'A Politics of the Encounter'. Política e Imagem/Politics and Image Conference. University of                         Coimbra - Institute of Philosophical Studies. Coimbra, PT 
2018   Paper presentation 'Urban discourses of dis appearance: I two we, you too me' at ESA10th Midterm Conference of the
           RNs - Sociology of the Arts & Sociology of Culture: 'Creative Locations: Art, Culture and the City'. University of 
           Malta. Valletta, MT 
2018   Paper presentation 'Everyday life theatre and the politics of dis appearance' at the conference 'In Motion: Performance
           and Unsettling Borders'. Northwestern University. Chicago, IL, US 
2018   Keynote lecture at the workshop symposium 'Genius Loci: How do we design lively urban spaces?' organized by
           ARTS4CITY and P.Smol with support from Centre for German and European Studies and Friedrich Ebert Foundation.
           Port Sevkabel. St. Petersburg, RU 
2018   Lecture 'Everyday life theatre and the politics of dis appearance'. CCI Fabrika. Moscow, RU 
2016   Platform Salon (talk). Incheon Art Platform. Incheon, KR
2013   Festival International de Mode & Photographie d’Hyères (talk). Villa Noailles. Hyères, FR
2012   FOAM Talents, Unseen Photo (talk). MC Theatre. Amsterdam, NL
2011   How to Do Things with Academia (talk). 'Time and Space Died Yesterday' at Unfolding Academia Joint Symposia.      
           University of Copenhagen. Copenhagen, DK

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