Grace Euna Kim is a Berlin-based artist and choreographer, whose practice intersects immersive performance, critical research, social practice, and radical pedagogy. She devises site-specific performances and interventions in diverse contexts and scales including public space, galleries/museums, theatres, as well as experimental pedagogic formats. Drawing from a background in visual aesthetics, energy bodywork, psychoanalytic and critical theory, her performances embody somatic, affective, sensory and perceptual approaches that she describes as "acid choreography", which challenge the encounter to bring tangibility to psychopolitical drives/dimensions of being and movement.

Since 2018 Euna's critical research frame “Acid Bodies” has deployed immersive performance methods as a means to probe the politics of perception in relation to desire, power, consensus, and ideology. Recently this has focused on psychopathologies of solidarity, resistance, and conflict/oppression; their interrelations and interdependencies; and the subliminal ways in which meaning is negotiated, internalized, performed, and normalized by bodies in space — particularly with regard to covert mechanisms of violence and how they persist and reproduce. As a separate yet interconnected part of Euna's artistic practice, the "Acid Bodies" research informs various performative, participatory, and pedagogic forms/approaches, which, through different entry points, invite people to radically rethink community and the body's agency as a site of individual and collective worldmaking.

Note on the Documentation:
During her performances cameras are generally prohibited, with a few exceptions depending on the site/public context. The experience is documented when/however possible with hidden/remote cameras. Therefore the photo/video content and quality are limited, since the priority is to protect the intimacy of the viewer’s immersive experience as much as possible. Written testimonials from audience/participants are gathered whenever possible and are essential documents of the work.

Due to the sensitive nature of the work's exploration of audience encounter, public documents are kept very limited.
If you are interested in viewing the private archives, please feel welcome to email Euna at the address below.

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