Grace Euna Kim is a Berlin-based Korean-American performance and visual artist, choreographer, and researcher who devises immersive encounters through a lens of psychoanalytic and critical theory. She has created large and small-scale performances in diverse site-specific contexts - from citywide interventions to cultural and educational institutions, to the intimacy of a private home. In her performance and social practice she uses deconstructive methods as a means to question, decode, and reinvent the theatre of the audience themselves, and thereby work through embedded social and political issues. The methods are based mainly in psychosomatic sense- and perception-oriented subversive approaches. In 2019 Grace Euna Kim conceived the ongoing 'Acid Bodies' participatory research entity, which probes unconscious mediations of ideology, desire, power, symbolic violence, and the body as a site of resistance in crisis. This began in Berlin at ZK/U-Center for Art and Urbanistics and since 2020 has been developed into experimental Masters courses at the Weißensee Kunsthochschule-MA Spatial Strategies program where she is a guest lecturer.

During her performances cameras are generally prohibited, with a few exceptions (depending on the site and public nature of the context). The experience is documented (when and however possible) through hidden cameras, texts (written afterward by audience/participants), and sound. Therefore image quality and scope varies, as priority is given to protect (as much as possible) the immersive purity of the viewer's lived experience. Because the work deals with the "unknown" and anticipation as a political material, public documents are generally limited. If you are interested in the private archives, please email Euna at the address below.

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