16 November 2018. 17:30
Paper Presentation. A Politics of the Encounter

Política e Imagem /Politics and Image Conference 
University of Coimbra - Institute for Philosophical Studies. Coimbra (PT)

13 October 2018. 19:30
Performance. A Prelude to the Last. Frankfurt Lab. Frankfurt (DE)
"To be joyous is to be a madman in a world of sad ghosts." –Henry Miller

A Prelude to the Last is an ode to the 'I' and the 'We', and the
tensions of misplaced desire, through which we connect and disappear.

Presented under the framework of the Frankfurt LAB Residency
Funded by the Stiftung Polytechnische Gesellschaft Frankfurt am Main

06 September 2018. 15:30

Paper Presentation. Urban discourses of dis appearance: I two we, you too me
Roundtable: Relational Aesthetics of Urban Culture

10th Midterm Conference of the RNs - Sociology of the Arts & Sociology of Culture
Creative Locations: Art, Culture and the City, 04 — 07 September 2018
University of Malta. Valleta (MT)

27 April 2018. 4:00 pm
Paper Presentation. Everyday life theatre and the politics of dis appearance
Northwestern University. Evanston, IL (US)

20 April 2018. 20:00
Keynote Lecture

'Genius Loci: How do we design lively urban spaces?' 
Workshop symposium organized by ARTS4CITY and P.Smol
w/ support  of Centre for German & European Studies and Friedrich Ebert Foundation 

Port Sevkabel. St. Petersburg (RU)

 18 April 2018. 19:30
Performance. How are you? Fine. How are you?
Solyanka VPA State Gallery. Moscow (RU)

Supported by European Cultural Foundation and Campagnia di San Paolo

07 April 2018. 13:00
Lecture. Everyday life theatre and the politics of dis appearance

 Opening lecture on the occasion of the 2 week seminar
'How are you? Fine. How are you?' at Pyr Fyr performance school

CCI Fabrika. Moscow (RU)

13 Dec -— 17 Dec 2017
The Scrap
Seoul (KR)
서울시 동대문구 왕산로9길 24

06 Oct 2017.  20:30
Performance. All we need is

"‘All we need is’ invites a collective reflection on the human condition,
its cages of the imagination, and the illusive relation of self, other, and world". 

Blueproject Foundation. Barcelona (ES)

Spring 2017
IMA Magazine (JP). Feature

21 April 2017. 19:30
Performance. A Window and A Street
Soma Art Space. Berlin (DE)

March 2017 
Why Hasn't JB Already Disappeared

Reflections on Jean Baudrillard, by philosopher Jeremy Fernando
Cover image and interior artwork contribution, Grace Euna Kim
Published by Deleres Press

11 March  — 09 April 2017
Transpositions II: How we find our way to transcendental homelessness. Group exhibition
Museum of Nonconformist Art. St. Petersburg (RU)

12 March 2017. 18:00
Performance. It is not where you are, but where are you are
Museum of Nonconformist Art. St. Petersburg (RU)

10 February 2017  — 03 March 2017
2016 Platform Artists. Group exhibition
Incheon Art Platform. Incheon (KR)

18 October 2016 — 05 March 2017
 Secret Garden. Group exhibition
Seoul Museum. Seoul (KR)

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