Grace Euna Kim is an artist and researcher working mainly in photography and intervening performance. Her visual artworks explore personal subversions of memory, time and space. Her performances explore social subversions of temporal and spatial processes and fictions.

Grace Euna Kim's performances are immersive social experiments that question intersubjective constructs of performativity
of everyday life, and the processes by which social fictions become normality. Each performance is context and site-specific, and involves the people themselves in the de- and re-construction of social imaginaries. The current research investigates a critique of history and language, toward issues of the gaze and the decentered subject, the ideology of bodies in space, the ontology of truth inside fiction—fiction inside truth, and the tensions of misplaced desire, recognition, and alienation. The work strives to not only interrogate what is at stake in the status quo, but also to operate as symbolic propositions of alternate social paradigms and processes. The performances explore non-verbal modes of language that decode culturally prescribed meaning. Cameras are generally prohibited. The work is documented (when possible) mostly with hidden cameras. Visual representations are therefore limited.

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