All we need is. Immersive performance and intervention. Blueproject Foundation. Barcelona, ES. 2017

(documentation coming soon)

Audience were invited into a catharsis and reflection on love, lack, and the illusive tensions of self, other, and world.  Like all of my performances, they arrived without any knowledge of what would transpire. As they waited for a performance that would never begin, they were slowly drawn into a parallel fiction of a fragmented and impossible love story—one that reflects the essential tensions of self and other, and what is at stake when identity and being are shaped through the gaze of the other, and vice versa.  This underscores how that which draws us together, is also what drives us apart—and that which gives ‘life’, undermines it at the same time.

The stage slowly shifted toward the space inside the audience themselves. Audience were treated as characters drawn into symbolic fictions, while the existing reality (its people, space, codes, rituals..) was the material and canvas of the performance. There were 4 levels of fiction invoked by different invisible performers, which manifested as the performance progressed. Many audience grew very engaged in the experience, becoming a performer themselves.

Concept and Direction
: Grace Euna Kim

Performers: Ana Luiza Braga, Aurora Briz, Ashleigh Musk, Daniela Medina Poch, David Bao Babs, Hector Acuña, Ingrid Querol, Juan David Galindo, Julia Ibarz Porte, Jordi Ramon Escamez, Mariana Rocha, Palma Greco, Sandra Calvo, Sophie Innmann

Production Assistant: Laura Olea López