A Window and a Street. Immersive Performance. 2017. SOMA Art Gallery. Berlin (DE)

The public is invited into a collective reflection on the cages of the imagination and the absurdity of the human condition. Audience are not given any information about what will transpire. The performance is devised to subvert their expectations and guide them through gradual phases into a surreal, symbolic fiction that they themselves are complicit in. For more information please write to hello [at] euna-kim.com.

Concept and Direction: Grace Euna Kim
Sound composition/performance: Biliana Voutchkova
Performers: Karina Suarez Bosche, Agnieszka Bua, Cecília Erismann, Dma Pvrnv, Dyaa Naim, Hanae Utamura, Irene Pascual Molinas, Jenna Krumminga, Nathalie Fari, Nicole Siggins, Rei Matsushima, Sarah Goodrum, Tamar Rappaport, Asa
Documentation: Marjorie Brunet Plaza, Nadja Sayej (photo and video)

Supported by Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa Berlin, as part of the long-term project 'Yellow Matters' curated by Nabi Nara (SOMA Art Gallery)

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